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Davis Islands Breakfast 10

   Two eggs (easy, medium, well, or scrambled), three slices of bacon, and toast

Egg Toppings: .50 each

Spinach, Tomato, Portobello Mushroom, Onion, Red Pepper

Cheddar/Jack, Mozzarella, Smoked Gouda, Feta, Goat Cheese

Egg Whites Add 1.5

Omelette 11

  Three-egg omelette with choice of two toppings, cheese and toast

Additional Egg Toppings: .50 each

Spinach, Tomato, Portobello Mushroom, Onion, Red Pepper

Cheddar/Jack, Mozzarella, Smoked Gouda, Feta, Goat Cheese

Egg Whites Add 1.5

Davis Islands Shakshuka 10

      From the Mediterranean, two sunny side up eggs over a smoky tomato and 

   red pepper sauce, topped with tahini and served on a hot skillet with warm Naan

Breakfast Wrap 10

   Three scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar/jack cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and garlic aioli

   wrapped in a spinach and herb tortilla

Chimichurri Steak & Egg Bowl 16

   Marinated and grilled flank steak with fresh chimichurri, over warm cilantro lime 

   potato salad, topped with two over medium eggs, crema, and pickled red onions

Dave’s Eternal Breakfast Quesadilla 12

    Quesadilla with cheddar/jack, goat cheese spread, blue cheese, onion jam on a

  spinach tortilla, topped with a sunny side up egg, house pico, and crema

Banana Bread French Toast 12    BB Gluten Friendly French Toast 14

  House made banana bread turned into French Toast, topped with pralines, craisins, 

   and dusted with powdered sugar. Served with all the ‘fixins’

Pancakes or Waffle 10    Gluten Friendly 12

   Our house recipe, dusted with powdered sugar and served with butter, warm 

   syrup or strawberry compote. Add toasted almonds, pralines, or chocolate chips .50

Granola Bowl 10      half order 6

   House made granola, Greek yogurt, fresh berries, and honey

Fruit and Yogurt Bowl 8

   Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and honey


Hummus 10  half order 5

  House made hummus with warm Naan 

House Cured Gravlax 15

  Swedish style cold-cured salmon with Swedish dill sauce, onions,

  capers, and goat cheese with toasted sourdough bread

Pascal’s Bruschetta 7.5

  Tomatoes, onions, tomatillos, cilantro, salt, and lime juice on toasted

  Rosemary garlic baguette slices, topped with Parmesan cheese

Soup of the DayCup 4   Bowl 6

  Served with your choice of Gulfcoast Sourdough Toast


All salads come with choice of Gulfcoast Sourdough Toast

Pascal’s House Salad 9

  Spinach, romaine, tomatoes, pickled red onions, and feta

  with garlic vinaigrette

Sweet Potato & Kale Salad 10

  Kale, spinach, and romaine with roasted sweet potatoes, tomatoes, 

  pickled red onions, pralines, and goat cheese with honey Dijon dressing

Toasted Pine Nut Salad 10

  Spinach, romaine, toasted pine nuts, and parmesan cheese 

   with olive oil and lemon


Classic 10

  Pesto, tomatoes, and mozzarella on butter sourdough. 

   Add Chicken  5 Add Steak  6

Herb Roasted Chicken 14

   Roasted chicken breast, onion jam, bacon, spinach, and cheddar/jack cheese

Chimichurri Steak 15

  Thinly sliced flank steak, chimichurri, pickled red onion, 

   with smoked gouda on butter sourdough

Curry Chicken Salad 12

   Curry chicken salad (curried chicken, onions, red peppers, craisins, garlic aioli, 

   and lime juice) with mango chutney on turmeric & black pepper sourdough

Portabella Mushroom  10

   Garlic roasted portabella mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and herbed 

   goat cheese spread on red pepper sourdough

Dave’s Eternal Quesadilla 11

  Quesadilla with cheddar/jack, goat cheese spread, blue cheese, onion jam on a

  spinach tortilla, topped with house pico, and crema



Grilled Cheese 5

  Cheddar/Jack cheese on sourdough

Pancakes or Waffle 5

    Two pancakes or half waffle with butter, syrup, and whipped cream 

Egg and Bacon 5

  One egg (easy, medium, well, or scrambled) with two strips of bacon

Add-ons and Other Items:

Roasted Potato Wedges 3

    with house made ketchup Loaded (Bacon, Cheddar/Jack, Creama) +1

Cilantro Lime Potato Salad 4

  Roasted red potatoes tossed with cilantro and green onions

  in garlic oil and lime juice

Add Chicken 5   Add Steak 6   Add Gravlax Salmon 7

Side of Fruit 3    Toast 2

Side Salad 4    Bacon 4

One Egg 2   Egg Whites 2

Pascal’s Mango Jalapeno Hot Sauce .75 (when available)

Pascal’s Ketchup .5  (when available)

Specials change often and are at market prices, as your server will describe.

The Pascal’s menu will change from time to time, to assure we only provide the freshest ingredients we can find.

All parties of six persons or more may be charged an 18% gratuity.

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Please note that Pascal’s offers private event space for any evening.  If you need a place for a birthday party, office gathering, baby shower, organization meeting, sales presentation, etc.  Please consider us.

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Pascal’s is proud to buy local

& be a fresh kitchen.

 Our goal is to source fresh, seasonal ingredients and create a fun, healthy and delicious experience for our guests. Whenever possible we acquire product from local, passionate food and beverage artisans. Those who share the like appetite that Pascal’s has for food and art will enjoy time with us. From the art on our walls, the breads in our service to the quality coffees we serve, Pascal’s has put together a concept to meet our guests needs and exceed their expectations.  We work hard to set the standard that we feel our guests expect. By making our food from scratch, we know each ingredient that goes to a plate. This ensures that we can provide information concerning allergens and nutritional needs for our guests. Albeit we are not a health food restaurant, the approach to freshness makes our food healthier while not sacrificing the soul satisfying enjoyment that only ‘comfort food’ can provide.